Host a Screening that Could Save a Life

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A film and a movement to eradicate suicide!

Join us on this global mission to help reduce the number of suicides and suicide attempts around the world. We hope to work with you to create an impactful screening and post screening activities that will galvanize your community and help save lives. #BeHereTomorrow


You can host a screening of Suicide The Ripple Effect in your local movie theater... at no cost to you! In fact, film host (Team Ripple Movie Captains) get 2 free tickets to their screening and can use the screening to raise funds for a nonprofit organization of their choice.


Starting January 5, 2018 you will be able to start selecting dates and theaters for your screenings and view screenings already organised. 

March 13, 2018 is the first day screenings can be held. 





"How to HOST a SCREENING" with Kevin Hines & Friends

On Jan 12th, filmmakers Kevin Hines and Greg Dicharry, hosted a special webinar with Gathr Films to talk about the film, answer questions and take you through the process of becoming a Team Ripple Movie Captain and hosting a screening. 

They were also joined by Dr. John Draper, Director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and David Covington, Board President Elect, American Association of Suicidology, who are featured in the film.