BuzzFeed – “I jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge and survived”

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This video, published by BuzzFeed has now had over 100 MILLION views and 700,000 shares.

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Studio 10

Studio 10 – Australian Morning TV 

Kevin sat down via video link up to talk with the team of Australias Studio 10 morning show to talk all things surviving suicide,
recovery hope and the power of storytelling.



“Suicide Prevention: 5 People and Groups Doing Great Things to Raise Awareness”

Parade Magazine

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bridge image

Man Who Survived Suicide Jump From Golden Gate Bridge Shares His Story to Help Others

People Magazine: ‘The Moment I Hit Freefall Was an Instant Regret'

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BridgeA Suicidologist’s New Challenge: The George Washington Bridge

New York Times: “Kevin Hines, who survived a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge and appears in “The Bridge,” is emphatic about the need to find ways to reach those considering suicide before they make an irrevocable decision”

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BuzzFeed – “I jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge & survived”

Kevin is using his story to spread suicide prevention awareness with his film, Suicide: The Ripple Effect, found at

Produced by BuzzFeed, Lizz Warner & Kevin Hines for BuzzFeed

Suicide is taking our heroes

Suicide is taking our Heroes! 22 United States Veterans die everyday by Suicide! Also, in 2014, 273 active-duty personnel, 170 reserve members, including 91 National Guardsmen died by suicide. The numbers for 2015 and previous years are similar.

#TeamRippleWorld – Peter Johnston

When Australian filmmaker Peter Johnston lost his mum to suicide he found himself in an extremely dark place. In an attempt to live through the pain he decided to help himself heal by walking 950 km (560 miles) from Brisbane to Sydney, Australia for Suicide Prevention with two mates.

#TeamRippleWorld – Dayna and Mark Whitmer

Kevin is presented an amazing gift by Dayna and Mark Whitmer, whose 19 year old son Matthew died by suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge in 2007. Compounding their tragedy is the fact that Matthew's body, like many who jump, was never recovered.

#TeamRippleWorld – Brother George

Kevin Hines prays and sings with Brother George, a Franciscan Friar, who was the Chaplin at the hospital Kevin was taken to after his suicide attempt. Brother George also happened to be one of the leading suicide prevention advocates in San Francisco and was the first one to encourage Kevin to share his story to help others.

Mario Basler ist Experte für Diabetologie und Ernährungsmedizin. Er hat mehrere Bücher zum Thema Diabetes und Ernährung geschrieben und lehrt zu diesen Themen national und international an Universitäten und auf Kongressen.


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