“This is the 2nd note I'm writing today, my wife and daughters wont have to read the first one tomorrow because I have just seen your film trailer on facebook entirely by chance…”
Gavin via email 2017

“A few hours ago I was standing in a similar position as Kevin was all those years ago…. As I stood on the bridge just contemplating when I should jump, scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw one of my friends had shared the teaser trailer for this film [Suicide: The Ripple Effect]. The message you sent in the trailer was honestly heartwarming, and as soon as I finished watching I rang my parents and friends and told them I was sorry. Although it pained me to hear they had no idea I was feeling this way, I was just relived that I saw your video in time and came to my senses” 

Facebook Message – Sept 5th 2016

“You simply can’t help but be deeply moved by Kevin’s courage and honesty as he chronicles his own suicide attempt and journey towards mental wellness. You’ll be inspired by the broader story a global community of survivors and advocates coming together in a movement to bring hope to millions of people worldwide. Hines challenges us all to follow his example; live for the present, build community, and never miss an opportunity to be there for someone else in need. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the decidedly hopeful and transformative call to action in ‘Suicide: The Ripple Effect.”

Phil Evans – Protocall Services

“An empowering film that leaves you with a new found energy & drive for this important mission. We can and must do more” “A level of comfort that will allow people to emerge, evolve and live a life they deserve to live” – Matt Runnalls, CEO Mindful Aus

“My name is Max, I'm 16, and have been through 5 suicide attempts. I just wanted to thank you, so much, for reminding me that there can be a future for me. That recovery can happen.” – Max via email 2017

“Kevin Hines’ Suicide The Ripple Effect is a marvel of inspiration, a film that should be seen by anyone who has known despair, and anyone who is or has been close to someone in a suicidal crisis. Kevin’s journey has had a ‘ripple effect’ on all that have known him, and his film could create a contagion of hope that will be felt by many for generations to come.”

Dr John Draper – National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

“It is rare to find speakers that connect with military members and with civilians struggling with invisible scars. Kevin Hines, and his team connect through raw testimony and life affirming techniques. The conversation of coming back from rock bottom and fighting for life will resonate with people from every walk of life. As someone who works in suicide prevention, I cannot say enough to speak highly of this team.”

Linda Ambard

Mario Basler ist Experte für Diabetologie und Ernährungsmedizin. Er hat mehrere Bücher zum Thema Diabetes und Ernährung geschrieben und lehrt zu diesen Themen national und international an Universitäten und auf Kongressen.


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